Mission & Philosophy

At Discover and Share, we make it our mission to:

  • Recognize and Respect each Child as an Individual
  • Support each Child in Discovering, Learning and Sharing who they are and what they can do both independently and with others
  • Provide a Safe and Enthusiastic Learning and Sharing Environment
  • Deliver the Best early childhood education a parent could ask for
  • Supply each child with the Nurturing, Loving Care he/she deserves
  • Maintain a Positive Position in life of each child during the most developmentally critical stage of his/her life in an effort to improve the child’s world as a whole


The Discover and Share philosophy is based on providing developmentally appropriate instruction, while becoming a partner in the education of each child. We believe children are inherently capable, curious, strong, independent, and full of dreams and imagination. With this in mind, we seek to:

  • Empower each child to discover through critical thinking and questioning and to learn through experimentation and investigation
  • Help each child to discover new knowledge through active experimentation, a central part of which is making constructive errors that are necessary for mental development
  • Encourage children to form their own hypotheses and seek results through mental actions and physical manipulation (observe what happens, compare findings, ask questions, and discover answers) and adjust their process to account for new information
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate classroom where teachers identify what intrigues each child and allows students to solve problems together, which provides opportunities for the child to make sense of his/her experiences
  • Offer motivation for learning and foster a love of learning, curiosity, attention, and self-direction by creating activities that are based on the interests of each child
  • Recognize that individual variation is to be expected because each human being has his/her own growth and development timing and pattern, as well as individual learning style and
  • Embrace and appreciate individual differences and variations based on individual, familial, and cultural experiences and backgrounds and provide for each child accordingly