Music Appreciation

Children respond naturally to the melodies and rhythms of music! In this class, we’ll move our bodies and use our voices. Through music we can incorporate many basic learning skills: language skills through singing, large motor skills through movement, fine-motor skills by playing rhythm instruments. Music also enhances positive self-esteem. If you feel good when you’re singing and dancing, you feel good about yourself!

Language Workshops

Studies have repeatedly shown how easily young children grasp the phonemes of a foreign language, so we will all eagerly anticipate the pleasure and satisfaction each child will derive from this extended experience!

Hola! Yes, friends are we ~~ as we immerse ourselves in the exciting world of Spanish! We will begin our instruction from Sra. Denise twice a week.

Creative Movement

We would like to bring out the creative side in all of our students through dance, movement, music and drama. Guided in a nurturing environment, Creative Movement will explore both the creative and physical dimensions of each child. They will learn dance foundations including plie, passé, and releve. Activities develop strength, coordination, creative thinking, and expression. Children refine motor skills and explore the creative process through the use of props and imagery.

Little Chefs Cooking Class

In their own chef’s hat and aprons, our little chefs will learn math skills by measuring solids and liquids; science by observing how temperature changes the properties of food; colors and shapes by describing and naming foods and cooking equipment; alphabets and reading by focusing a child’s attention on the letters of the alphabet through the process of letters to form words and words to form paragraphs; and reading legendary stories and fables and match stories and foods to reinforce lessons.