Infant Care


Infant Day Care

At Discover and Share, infants receive “First Class” care. They are cared for and nurtured with experienced caregivers, so that they can feel safe and happy at all times. We take pride in the experience our infant caregivers bring to the infant rooms.

Expert Caretakers

Safety and sanitation procedures are high priorities, and teachers and staff receive regular training to help them develop and maintain a clean and safe environment for infants. All of our infant caregivers have been with us for over 5 years. You can feel confident that your little one will be in reliable and professional care.

A Safe Environment

With us, infants learn and are nurtured in a room that is visible through safety glass walls. The rooms are also constantly monitored by security cameras that are viewable by the staff at the front desk and parents via the Internet. Infants also have their own playground that is filled with infant-appropriate toys and equipment. This is just one more way we care for your infant’s well-being.