Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten


Get Ahead! Academic Programs

A state of Texas adopted language arts and math series are used and taught to this class in conjunction with educational series published by scholastic. Students in this class are daily exposed to the Texas state board of education essential elements for kindergarten. Most of our junior kindergarteners move on to public kindergarten or 1st grade with advanced knowledge of reading and math.

Emergent Curriculum

We make sure that students are offered broad kindergarten experiences in the content areas of art, music, drama, reading, math, science discovery, handwriting, literacy, foreign languages (Spanish & Chinese) and physical well-being.


The leaning exploration is shared as more of a process (exploration, examination, experimentation) than as a “finished product.” Portfolios for every child, journals, project boards highlights tell the story of the learning journey for each child, and the classroom as a whole.